Spring At Last! May 16 2015

We love Spring here at Number 44!  Being surrounded by gorgeous woodland and seas of bluebells, we can't help but be inspired

Spring is a great time for change and we're currently running through the process of assessing and refreshing our look to bring you a whole new concept.. watch this space...  

We're currently sourcing and are delighted with the new stock items we've ordered so far, including individually handcrafted accessories from designers, gifts and home wares.  Over the next few weeks we'll give you some hints of what's to come and we're also interested to hear from you so look out for our email, which will be popping into your inbox soon!

It's a busy time for us as we're also 'nesting' whilst we await the arrival of Lora's baby - it's an exciting time all round and we look forward to sharing it with you!