New Year, New Wardrobe! January 30 2017

It happens every year.. the cold weather snap arrives, I go to the wardrobe to get my favourite jumper, pull it on, a quick check in the mirror and I am greeted with disappointment - it just doesn't look how I remember it.  The jumper I wore to death and lovingly packed away because it would 'do for next year', just doesn't!

So every year the wardrobe gets a detox - it's my attempt at a 'New Year, New Me' makeover, which often never really comes off, but this year was different - I got ruthless!  

Out went all those clothes which, whilst expensive and gorgeous really do nothing for me and in came the simple, classic separates I used to favour and which make me feel more comfortable - and confident. 

It's a plan (if not a New Year's resolution) I'm going to try to stick to this year.  The motto - 'Make the best of what you have' - hiding it away under big, baggy layers, didn't work!

Unbeknown to me, Lora was at her house doing the same thing - for different reasons; she's dropped a couple of dress sizes since having Eadie and therefore needed to re-address her wardrobe totally!

As a result, 3 black sacks of lovely clothes were donated to a local charity shop - some still with the sales tags in!  

If you want to look good and feel comfortable, it's an important job and it's really quite liberating!

Follow our top tips for a Wardrobe Detox: 

  1. If you haven't worn it in a year - ditch it!
  2. If it isn't comfortable to wear or you don't feel confident in it, throw it out!
  3. Sort your wardrobe into garment type or colour - it will make it easier when selecting items to wear but will also help you identify what you really need when you next go shopping.
  4. Buy clever: never buy anything that doesn't go with at least 2 other items in your wardrobe.
  5. Streamline your wardrobe by sticking to neutral shades for the core shapes - they go with everything so offer the best versatility and can be dressed up with signature pieces or with accessories.
  6. Invest in some key items: a classic white shirt, simple longline cardi & a classic jacket - they'll always look elegant & can be worn with jeans or more tailored outfits.
  7. Once you've picked the style which best suits you, buy t-shirts & jumpers in a variety of neutral colours - if you're short on time, they'll always ensure you're stylishly turned out!
  8. We all have to have a handful of unusual pieces (no more though!), when you're buying, try them on.. they may look great on the size 10 dummy in the window, but you have more shape than that!  Make sure you're happy that it looks the way you want it to before parting with your money!

Anne-Marie & Lora