Christmas at Number 44 December 09 2015

We must confess, it took us a while to get into the Christmas spirit this year; mild weather, nice as it is, just didn't get us in the right mind frame to begin our Christmas preparations.  Eventually though, we had to do it or Christmas would never have arrived at Number 44!

Once we got going, we were away starting with our Christmas window which set the theme of a winter wonderland.  Inside, we have stacked ourselves high with unique gifts and accessories, many of which we have already had to re-stock!  

And now the mood is set, we're open Sundays in the lead up to Christmas and are serving mulled wine over the weekend!  Well, it is Christmas! 


New Faces at Number 44 July 08 2015

It's been three weeks since we revealed our new look and we've been overwhelmed by the response.

We are blessed with good and loyal customers who visit regularly and continuously offer their support, for which we are truly grateful; but we've also seen a great many new faces at our store and already, they too are re-visiting!

Of course, if you're one of our 'regulars', you would have seen some new faces at Number 44 yourself; Faye and Di have been with us now for a week and Olivia is our most recent member of staff.  All are lovely and evoke the welcoming traits I hope you have come to expect at Number 44 - do pop in and introduce yourself if you're passing.

One face you probably haven't yet seen is Eadie's, Lora's new baby daughter and, whilst I'm introducing new faces, I really must introduce her. So here she is, my beautiful grand-daughter, Eadie Goddard, with my equally beautiful daughter, Lora..

Anne-Marie xx

Spring At Last! May 16 2015

We love Spring here at Number 44!  Being surrounded by gorgeous woodland and seas of bluebells, we can't help but be inspired

Spring is a great time for change and we're currently running through the process of assessing and refreshing our look to bring you a whole new concept.. watch this space...  

We're currently sourcing and are delighted with the new stock items we've ordered so far, including individually handcrafted accessories from designers, gifts and home wares.  Over the next few weeks we'll give you some hints of what's to come and we're also interested to hear from you so look out for our email, which will be popping into your inbox soon!

It's a busy time for us as we're also 'nesting' whilst we await the arrival of Lora's baby - it's an exciting time all round and we look forward to sharing it with you!


Busy Bank Holiday! August 25 2014

We've had such a busy August Bank Holiday... we're decorating & had to pop to a well known DIY store this morning to get more paint - we weren't alone!!  We also visited Daisy Dog Vintage Fair in Oxted - lots of gorgeous vintage accessories, furniture & clothes.. can't wait til the next one in November.  Then we had to pop into the shop to wrap & pack the web sales from this weekend - this season's Ash is proving to be very popular!, before going back home to crack on with the decorating.  Busy, busy, busy!  But a lovely day spent with family all the same xx  We hope you enjoyed yours.